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Positive Affirmation Cards and Stand

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Live Louder, bright, cheerful and fun, positive affirmation cards. Custom designed, sunflower yellow with our signature honeycomb and bee logo.

Comes with a unique wooden and white circle stand.  

Each of the 51 individual messages (one side has the affirmation and the other-side has the meaning of the affirmation) has been carefully crafted to remind you that you are resilient, you are strong and you are enough.  Store in the recycled tuck box.

They are 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch, the perfect size for your vision board, journal, notebook or as a bookmark.  Use them for your daily ritual by pulling a card every day or in hard moments.  Write on them, include a card in a gift or give the deck to someone special.

Where will you pull your next card?  On a beach?  Hiking?  On holiday?  At the gym?  In the Office or yoga studio?



  • Made in the USA
  • 54 premium cards with a smooth finish
  • 51 individual affirmation cards
  • 1 Unique wooden & white circle stand
  • Card Dimensions 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch
  • Each card is 300 gsm 
  • Designed by Katie in the USA & Melissa in Australia

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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return for a full refund or exchange, no questions asked within 30 days. 


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Customer Reviews

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Repeat after me, I AM AMAZING...🔌...I am amazing.

Seize the day with effective phrases to activate the best you. Perfect little success nugget everyone should have in their toolkit. Check out the Affirmation video on YT: Keep being amazing!

Patricia Dolson
Affirmation cards

Nice quality. Great color. Good way to start your day..

Elizabeth A.

I really enjoyed getting reminders of positive affirmations it made me feel empowered and also reminded me of what I am.🥰💛

The Daily Rah-Rah I Never Knew I Needed!

I'm that person that though she didn't need Daily Affirmation Cards. . . I mean, I have been grind it out every day for the last 35 years of my fitness journey. But, when they arrived and I perused the deck, I got super motivated by all the positive, uplifting messages. Then, it dawned on me -- "who couldn't use even MORE positive energy in their lives?" The answer is EVERYONE can! So, I've been choosing a message every few days to help me slow down and reflect on my real reasons for living the way I do and giving me more clarity and focus to move forward with intention. THANK YOU! Planning on giving these as gifts to my "fit family" friends.

Stephanie David
Master my Mornings

I love my Affirmation Cards- I have made it a rule I do not look at my phone in the morning, something to help move that new habit forward are these cards. They start my day with clarity, positivity and love.