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Nothing beats the feeling of a cork yoga mat

When you practice yoga regularly, you deserve a great yoga mat and nothing beats the natural feel of cork


A mat is a mat, right?  Not when it comes to yoga.


Your mat is your sanctuary so you need a mat that works with you, not against you.  When you practice regularly you need to invest in yourself and a really great yoga mat.  The FITKYT cork yoga mat is used regularly (nearly everyday) by Katie and Melissa.  


Say Goodbye to Slippery Yoga Mats 

'We wanted a mat that was supportive on joints, especially on a hard floor.  One that was versatile enough for the gym, yoga, hot yoga or a weights session.  We demand a lot from our mat so durability and hard wearing was a given'', says Melissa 

And this is the outcome, the FITKYT cork yoga mat.  

  • Used and love by yoga teachers
  • Premium quality guarantee
  • Practice on both sides
  • Non-toxic
  • No Phthalates & lead free
  • The more you sweat the better it grips
  • Non-Slip
  • Cork is naturally antimicrobial



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    When our mat is our sanctuary, make yours cork...

    Yoga isn't just about physical exercise, it's about the soul too.  Technically, the word 'yoga' means 'to unite' or 'mental peace' depending on which Sanskrit root of the word 'yoga' we focus on.  Practicing yoga brings the body, mind and soul together in expressions of peace and harmony whilst strengthening and purifying. 


    You will fall in love with this yoga mat and it will quickly become part of your regular workout routine. 


    • Natural feeling nothing feels better on your feet and hands then cork
    • Great for indoors & outdoors can be used both sides depending upon your workout
    • Cork layer does not absorb heat so perfect for those hot summer days
    • Grips almost any surface the more you sweat the better the grip
    • Incredibly versatile mat high quality with 6.2mm thickness, ''just the right amount''
    • Flexible and portable it comes with a dual carry or yoga strap 
    • Non-Toxic, No Phthalates & Lead Free sustainable cork on the outer layer and TPE on the inner

     Yoga mat by FITKYT

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    The Best Cork Yoga Mat:

    Just the right amount of thickness 6.2mm 
    ​2.2mm cork layer & 4mm TPE backing
    Comes with a yoga mat carrying strap
    ​Custom design FITKYT bee logo
    Made with sustainable cork
    ​Phthalates and lead free
    100% quality guaranteed


    FITKYT - Cork Yoga Mat


    Invest in yourself, invest in a great mat


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    Long-Lasting, Premium Materials 


    Buy the cork yoga mat and get a carry strap for your cork yoga mat FREE
    And it doubles as a yoga strap!
    Durable cotton yoga strap
    ​Deepens poses safely
    ​Improves stretches
    ​Doubles as a yoga mat carry strap
    ​Premium quality
    ​Custom designed
    ​Machine washable
    ​Exceptional grip
    100% quality guaranteed


    You get:

    1. The premium quality cork yoga mat, plus;
    2. A cotton yoga strap, which doubles as a carry strap
    3. Free Standard US Shipping
    4. 100% Quality Guarantee
    Yoga strap

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    Why we choose cork?

    When we first set out to create yoga products, our main goal was to find high quality, durable and sustainable materials.  We ended up choosing cork!  Cork is sustainably produced, naturally antibacterial and has a smooth natural feel that grips with the more you sweat.  Cork products are recyclable and reusable, making it the perfect yoga partner.


    We love this yoga mat.  


    'I use this yoga mat everyday.  When I turn up to my mat each day I wanted a mat that made me feel good about exercising.  When you have limited time in your day, you want a mat that works with you, not against you.  I wanted a mat that was durable and would go the distance with me and where I was at for that day.  Whether it was a yoga practice, meditation, cardio session or lifting weights.  This mat is my sanctuary and I know I deserve a great yoga mat'.



    Need some social proof?

    This is what some of our customers are saying about this amazing mat.

    This cork yoga mat is very high quality and has much better traction than any other yoga mat I've ever used.  I love it!  What a great product.
    Beth D.

    This yoga mat has a lovely, natural feel.  It's lightweight & easy to roll.
    Thank you fitkyt!
    Belinda P.

    The traction on the fitkyt yoga mat is amazing! I never slip, like on some of the rubberized yoga mats I've owned.
    Sharon S.

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