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 The Game Changer


The Game Changer Sports Bag being trialed in the gym locker room, with our FITKYT 100% made in the US fitness water bottle and our new eco-friendly cork yoga mat.



We know regular exercise changes everything.

This is the vision we, Katie and Melissa share. Living on opposite sides of the planet, St Louis, USA and Melbourne Australia, we came together to create a series of products which bring fitness seamlessly into your life for positive change.

We understand on a personal level how fitness is an integral part of maintaining the energy required for the myriad of things we do every single day. The difference your level of fitness makes is something you need to experience to truly understand.

With our vision on fitness aligned and sharing similar corporate backgrounds, we plan to take our lived experiences and passion for regular exercise, to create a vision that when you are able to do regular exercise, it makes us feel our best, we can be our best selves and in turn live our best lives.


Recognizing what challenges, us - and working with it!

As two women in our prime (mid-life is prime right?), we began to find it more and more challenging to complete heavy workouts and push our bodies through extremes. Not that it wasn’t what we wanted to do; it was what our bodies will allow us to do!  Our friends all seemed to feel the same way.

It was then that we started to realize how important being gentler on ourselves really is. We spoke to so many people who felt that this gentler approach was an important mindset to overcome, especially when you are used to pushing yourself to the limits and going and going and going. So many people read these challenges and body changes as defeat - not the intrinsic part of life’s journey that it is.


When challenges create opportunity - great things happen

Facing more time pressures and health challenges (ourselves) and as we age, we at FITKYT felt that there wasn’t much out there for people like us.  We want to be heard, we want to be supported and we don’t want to feel undervalued in society because of the way we look - especially when we do exercise.

This is where the idea of FITKYT came about. 

The need was evident for functional, high quality and versatile sports products.  Our core product, which has been a year in the making (so far) is the FITKYT Game Changer and Family sports bag range.  The Hang . Fold  .Go system, is currently with the USPTO for a Patent Pending design, and we’re just a little excited about its launch!


We’re better at creating great products than we are at keeping secrets

Self-confessed perfectionists, we’ve just completed our 6th round of prototyping and now our utilitarian, high quality and multi-functional sports bag is starting to look, well, just like a sports bag. 

Still under wraps, we’re looking forward to being able to share it with you, complete with our key, secret (not so secret) point of difference.

Even though our Game Changer bag seems like a normal sports bag to the untrained eye, and this is where our patent comes in… is TOTALLY different.  Our secret project features a unique hang - fold - go system (you will have to wait for the big unveil), which will change the way you see the humble sports or duffle bag forever.

For market testing, we have shared prototypes with a few key fitness influencers and amazing people we knew.  So far, we are thrilled with the initial feedback. The way people love the bag, we love, has been a great validation for all the hard work our team has put in. 


If not now - WHEN? 

We are focused on a US Spring 1st production run, ready for you for the US summer, 2021.  

In the meantime, we will continue to keep providing you with unique custom designed and branded gym, yoga and athletic apothecary.  

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