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Lavender Bergamot Yoga Mat Cleanser

$12.00 USD

4oz Yoga Mat Cleanser 

Our mat is our sanctuary!  

Lavender and Bergamot - The gentle sweet smell of lavender that will truly lift the soul complemented amazingly well with the aroma of bergamot.

Hand crafted and made in small batches with extra love and care Made in St Louis, USA

Chemical Free does not contain harsh or damaging chemicals.

All natural ingredients Purified Water, Witch Hazel, Alcohol, Essential Oils

Our Wellness Collection

Happiness is all about balance right? Your body is the same. Our Lavender Bergamot products are crafted to give you a little extra support when you need to relieve stress and soothe your hard working muscles. 

The inclusion of lavender was a given for us, as it is one of those essentials which provide next level relaxing elements. Lavender is extensively used in aromatherapy and widely understood to be helpful in calming the nervous system. 


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Our Happy Customers 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alyssa M.
Lavendar heaven

Clean and spa like. Love this. Definitely will buy again.

I spray this before and after class

The aroma is so nice. I often spray down my mat before I start class with this cleanser, as it smells so good and is very uplifting as you practice as you continue to smell the lavender and bergamot scent. Highly recommended.

Belinda P.
Lavender Bergamot Yoga Mat Cleanser

I love this yoga mat cleanser. It leaves my mat smelling divine and makes child pose that little bit more relaxing.

Sharon S.
Lavender Bergamot Yoga Mat Cleanser

This stuff smells AMAZING! I also use the Fitkty cork yoga mat - and it cleans it very well. Great product - and love that it's natural as well!

Tracey S.
Lavender Bergamot Yoga Mat Cleanser

The yoga cleanser is incredible. It smells sooo good. It is great that it is 100% natural as well.