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Why yoga?  Yoga isn't just about physical exercise, it's about the soul too.  Technically, the word 'yoga' means 'to unite' or 'mental peace' depending on which Sanskrit root of the word 'yoga' we focus on.  Practicing yoga brings the body, mind and soul together in expressions of peace and harmony whilst strengthening and purifying.

Why we choose cork?  When we first set out to create yoga products, our main goal was to find high quality, durable and sustainable materials.  We ended up choosing cork!  Cork is sustainably produced, naturally antibacterial and has a smooth natural feel that grips with the more you sweat.  Cork products are recyclable and reusable, making it the perfect yoga partner.

Our mat is our sanctuary!  Why not invigorate your space and calm your senses with our 100% natural wellness products.   

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