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Brand discovery, the best new ecommerce brands

Brand discovery, the best new ecommerce brands | Fitkyt LLC

We are so excited to have received a number of recent reviews, media, social media and newspaper coverage that we have had.  We have so much good news to share with you!

Firstly, our Instagram account @fitkyt has now grown to over 13,000+ followers thanks to our amazing and stunningly beautiful and all round wonderful human being, yoga instructor, musician, singer and ambassador Lily Taloola.  Along with Payam Parsafar our photographer and videographer.  We love you both 💛.  Due to their combined brilliance and talent, we have been featured on a number of fitness and wellness social media channels.


IC: Fitkyt Ambassador Lily Yoga pose


Secondly, as you may know, The Caviar Lookbook digital editorial series, ‘Luxury at its Best’, gave the FITKYT’s Lavender Bergamot Bath Salts the high rating of 6 Caviar Spoons.  Well, we also received the same rating for our Lavender Bergamot Hand Sanitizer.  The Caviar Lookbook is in love with our Lavender Bergamot range.


Review on Lavender Bergamot Hand Sanitizer by FITKYT


For anyone who knows Katie Duffin though, this will come as no surprise.  Katie was previously the Vice President of Sales and Operations at Vi-Jon, which is one of America's oldest private brand Health and Beauty Care manufacturers.  Katie had the responsibility for new product development and product life cycle management.

Thirdly, we have had a lot of media attention for our patent pending sports utility bag.  Please see the article here for more information, FITKYT in the media as mentioned in this article we have signed up with global crowdfunding and digital marketing agency LAUNCHBOOM.  We think this is a big deal!

Fourthly, we have partnered with some amazing people and brands to form some fantastic giveaways.  Reddyyeti supported us with a first look review of our cork yoga collection giving us a big thumbs up and post this we have just started a partnership with FindKeep.Love.  FindKeep.Love are on a mission to transform online shopping.  They provide consumers with the opportunity to discover the best new premium brands and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be showcased for our unique, quality products and FITKYT brand. 


We will keep the updates coming as the next few weeks and months become even more exciting with our new FITKYT product launches and more.

Be sure to Stay Amazing...


Melissa & Katie


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