Now as seen in Disrupt Magazine! - FITKYT

Now as seen in Disrupt Magazine!

Co-Founder Katie, was mentioned as a top instagram coach by Disrupt Magazine.  The topic, wellness advice by top instagram coaches to help you stay healthy.  Katie was mentioned along with with some big names in health and wellness, such as Dr Joseph Mercola and Laura Hof (Wim Hof Method) who has been featured in Yoga Magazine, Flow Magazine, Forbes and Women's Health.

Katie's, advice;

You do your best to practice whole-body wellness and work on taking care of your mental health as well as improving your diet and incorporating more physical activity into your lifestyle. Your body always knows when your life is out of balance – the challenge is to listen. Since the body works in harmony together, Katie believes it’s just as important to focus on taking care of your heart, mind, and soul as well as your body.

The former collegiate softball athlete learned this first-hand when she started a family and ended up going to the hospital due to getting an ulcer and two auto-immune diseases. Her online store, FITKYT sells beautiful yet versatile products designed to help people achieve their health goals. 

Follow Katie Duffin @fitkyt and get wellness insights.

You can read the full article here:  Wellness Advice By Top Instagram Coaches to Help You Stay Healthy ⚡️ Disrupt Magazine

FITKYT has also been mentioned in the news and media in relation to our latest market announcement on our patent pending sports utility bag prototype update. We know it is a game changer and one giant leap for sports kind!  Soon you will be able to try it out for yourself.

We have signed with global crowdfunding and top digital marketing agency LAUNCHBOOM.  We are in the midst of planning a big campaign launch, establishing ourselves as a strong contender in the fitness & wellness industry, as well as scaling FITKYT globally.  When it comes to who LAUNCHBOOM work with, they are pretty picky.  So we are feeling very lucky and honoured to be working with an agency like LAUNCHBOOM.  Here is the link to their website if you would like to find out more Top Crowdfunding Marketing Agency - LaunchBoom

At the end of the day though, we know we are onto something pretty special.  The fitness and wellness industry has changed and we believe so does your sports bag. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through this next exciting phase for FITKTYT.  Here is our latest announcement to market which has been picked up by a wide range of news media, radio, newspapers, industry feeds both at a national and regional level.


Fitkyt LLC Announces Prototype Updates for Its New Patent Pending Sports Utility Bag

People make excuses when it comes to their health and wellness, especially when they are as busy as a bee struggling to meet deadlines. This is the problem that FITKYT founders are working on solving. Both being Harvard Business School graduates, they have lived through the demanding and often grueling corporate life, where the one thing that is never enough is time.

“We totally understand how exercise can get relegated to the ‘only if time allows’ zone. Our mission is to bring it into the realm of necessity,” stated co-founder Katie Duffin.

With this as the key focus, the game changer sports bag was developed with a unique patent-pending, hang-fold-go system. At FITKYT, they understand that exercise gear and accessories need to work in with an individual’s busy schedule, not delay them because of impractical designs or unnecessary functions. Many times, people go to the gym and forget their shoes or go to yoga and forget to bring their mat or go for a swim and forget to bring their goggles. When time is precious, moments like these can be frustrating and downright annoying.

Here’s the FITKYT solution — The Game Changer Sports Bag. As self-proclaimed perfectionists, the founders have dedicated over a year to the making of this product with seven rounds of prototyping completed. They plan to launch the product via a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo and Kickstarter, commencing in August–September 2021. They have also been approached by several highly reputable and successful crowdfunding agencies.

In the meantime, check out their website, as FITKYT has an existing range of fitness and wellness products and accessories. These include a cork yoga collection, a matching 100 percent natural wellness range and "anytime, anywhere" fitness products. All products are stamped with the “busy as a bee” logo, which will help to remind customers to prioritize their fitness and wellness routines.

The FITKYT founders regularly share insightful articles on their blog, the latest of which is titled, “Your Body Was Made for It”, where they provide tips on some of the lesser-known benefits of yoga.


About Fitkyt LLC

Fitkyt LLC creates innovative, durable and functional fitness and wellness products that will simplify, organize and inspire so that individuals can lead a more balanced life.


We have had over 100 media and news outlets pick up our announcement, here are a couple of where it has been placed...

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch 

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