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FITKYT coaches to inspire your wellness journey

FITKYT coaches to inspire your wellness journey | Fitkyt LLC

We are so proud of the amazing coaches that we have in our hive. Each represents the desire to share their understanding and experience of wellness.


Wellness can be achieved through many different means.  We believe it’s all about balance and feeling the need to create better energy for yourself and those around you. Our FITKYT coaches, have come together under the mandate of bringing wellness to you and inspiring your health journey.


Each with a different perspective, different skills and strategies, we’d love to shine a spotlight on four of our favorite collaborators right now.


Alicia a ray of sunshine:

Alicia Sunshine is a beacon of positivity. Every day she shares her Afroetics dance movement in her workshops in St Louis, Missouri. For fitness, for culture and for artistic expression, her desire is to illuminate the powerfully influential and iconic dances created by the various cultures of Africa.


Her ambition is to bring wellness to her community (both locally and online) which has seen her create a range of online dance sessions, performance groups and even musical collaborations.


We find Alicia’s enthusiasm for movement and expression totally contagious. Everything about her inspires an energy to use your body to brighten your day.


There’s an amazing sense of fun to her Afroetics which combines traditional African dance movements with strengthening and toning exercises. 


Alicia is helping us with a series of videos to inspire and motivate and to incorporate them into your regular fitness routine. This collaboration makes perfect sense as it pairs seamlessly with her commitment to having fun and celebrating rhythm.


If you’re interested in creating wellness through a combination of high energy dance, flexology or one on one personal training - check out some of her workshops here:




IC: Alicia Sunshine



Music is medicine for the soul - why we love working with Lily:


Our good friend - Lily Taloola is based on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. From this stunning location, she operates Culture Seed Collective, a not for profit enterprise which incorporates nutritional strategies with yoga and music therapies.


Culture Seed Collective was created by Lily to help share the positive impact that music therapy has on not only an individual’s health, well being, and happiness, but the positive shift music can create on a global scale too. Her music-related workshops are held in communities all over the world.


Her travels are dotted with community events, performances and, most lately her Nurture Nature Workshops. These workshops celebrate our intrinsic connection to the earth and focus on how by assisting the planet, we promote our own well being too. These workshops feature local clean-up activities, a free yoga class and meditations.


We love collaborating with Lily as she continues to inspire, raise the vibration of the communities she engages with and remind us that wellness is a journey we can take not just as an individual, but a community too.


If you’d like to hear more about her enterprise,  see

IC: Lily Taloola



​A life on-purpose with Constance:


Our relationship with St. Louis local Constance Steinkamp has given us a fresh perspective on our environment (both internal and external). Constance has been teaching yoga for over 14 years.


Constance has a passion for inspiring her students and followers to dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results. Her workshops integrate ancient wisdom traditions with modern self-development strategies to help take your motivation for change beyond exercise into self actualization. She is an intuitive creative embodiment guide.  In other words, she is an empath with ADHD who loves yoga!


Constance's flow sequences are simple, authentic, and are beautifully guided. She encourages us all to show up with intention, with purpose and in the knowledge that our bodies (and minds) will be all the better for it.   


If you’d like to explore more of what Constance has to offer, head to, @_constanceyoga  she runs regular yoga & coffee sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday's at Northwest Coffee Shop in St Louis.



IC: Constance Stienkamp


Our FITKYT community is the result of many collaborations, our individual passions and a common commitment to helping others create their journey to wellness. We love that you are a part of this hive and invite you to share your wellness wins and challenges with us all.


For FITKYT yoga videos by our ambassadors and more... check out our YouTube channel....

Fitkyt - YouTube


Otherwise, Stay Amazing 💛


Katie & Melissa 


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