• Learn How to Embrace Affirmations

    It’s my passion to inspire others to Live Louder. Living louder for me is when I move my body daily, have a better understanding of my emotions and in-turn having more meaningful relationships with others. I have been using positive affirmations over the last year and the process has totally changed how I view life. Providing me with greater confidence to tackle any problem that comes my way....LEARN MORE

  • Affirmation Challenge, Starts 1st March, 2022

    Join our positive affirmation challenge. Not only sharing positivity amongst friends, you will also be in the draw for a chance to win 2 x FITKYT gift vouchers each week to spend in store www.fitkyt.com  Also, for those who have a deck of affirmation cards, here is your chance to use them in a connected, caring group!


  • A help guide to journaling

    Journaling is a wonderful practice that can help you find clarity, reach your goals, and find your next direction in life. But if you feel bored with it, don’t know what to write about, or find that you aren’t being completely open and honest, you may be doing it wrong. While there are no rules with journaling, you could be unintentionally taking away from the many benefits it provides you. READ MORE

  • The Amazing 3 Step Process to Reclaim Your Day...

    Being in my mid 40's and looking in the mirror brings a lot of 'gosh you look old.'
    Almost every day there is a constant reminder of my age, from another gray hair to my crow’s feet, joint and back pain and the wrinkles on the back of my hands...READ MORE

  • The Best Way to Enjoy A Healthy Breakfast

    Good food in - great energy out. Fuelling our bodies with great food is a huge priority for the team here at FITKYT. The better we eat, the more positive vibes we have to share...READ MORE

  • Join the #OneHIVE Community

    A Community that comes together to celebrate the big goals, small wins and everything in between.

    The #OneHIVE Community is designed to help you to Live Louder.  To build personal connections and authentic relationships....READ MORE

  • Now as seen in Disrupt Magazine!

    Co-Founder Katie, was mentioned as a top instagram coach by Disrupt Magazine.  The topic, wellness advice by top instagram coaches to help you stay healthy.  Katie was mentioned along with with some big names in health and wellness...READ MORE

  • Yoga, your body was made for it

    For those of us who regularly practice yoga, we know how much it benefits the body and the soul and how extending our practice can improve our well-being. If you haven’t dipped your toe into the yoga waters yet, you may be surprised to find out just how much it can change your life for the better....READ MORE

  • Brand discovery, the best new ecommerce brands

    We are so excited to have received a number of recent reviews, media, social media and newspaper coverage that we have had.  We have so much good news to share with you!


  • Jump rope - I'm now, totally in!

    When fitness is a journey - why not skip along the way?

     Known for its high impact, skipping has fast become a major part of exercise routines. The take anywhere, do anywhere aspect of skipping means that it's easy to blend into your everyday exercise and doesn’t require a gym membership, expensive equipment or intensive training. READ MORE

  • When nothing is something

    We’re also big believers in rewarding stillness too.  For a lot of us - our lives are so busy that it actually takes a lot of motivation to stay still. Taking the time to heal, to breathe and to center is something that we all need. READ MORE

  • Resistance band exercises for gluteus medius

    What we have found, is that resistance bands offer an amazing multi-functional workout due to their durability and versatility thereby offering an endless variety of exercise possibilities.  They are cost effective and light weight allowing you to be able to train anywhere.  Perfect for home use especially when you might be tight on space. READ MORE

  • Need to Boost Your Immune System?

    Fuelling our bodies with great food is a priority for the team here @Fitkyt. We’re passionate about sharing great ideas when it comes to healthy eating.

    By considering what we put into our bodies, we find that our increased energy levels give us that extra oomph we need to build stronger, happier - and fuller lives. READ MORE

  • Be like the Bee - When we all work together

    Building a business around wellness means that for us, the notion of community is something we value. Striving to be a stronger version of ourselves through fitness means an increased capacity to engage with and to care for those around us - building an altogether stronger community. READ MORE

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