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Athletic Apothecary

Athletic Apothecary | Fitkyt LLC

Where natural elements, luxe living and rejuvenation meet


Your new favourite range of therapeutic body products is here.

We have been working away to create a local apothecary collection, which inspire, enliven and heal. 

We have taken our luxe athletic apothecary range to new heights. Featuring natural essential oils, local ingredients and healing elements, our products are only produced in small and exclusive batches.

Our focus is on combining ingredients to ensure your skin, your body and entire being are delivered exactly what they need to restore energy after exercise and to inspire you to want to energize your day. For us (and for you!), it's the perfect combination to complement our range of exercise products.

You can probably tell by now that we’re just a little bit excited to introduce the range to you. To help you appreciate how important self-care is around exercise, here are a few of the elements we’ll be including and their benefits to you.


But first - What is Athletic Apothecary?

As part of a great self care strategy, it’s important to make sure that you are looking after the skin you’re in too. Treating your body to products which are naturally formulated and that feature essential oils means that you are rejuvenating as you cleanse, replenishing moisture and soothing your tired muscles in a thoughtful and totally lux way! That’s what athletic apothecary is all about.

Natural oils are a key ingredient in each of our products and are such a wonderful, natural source of healing elements. Natural oils have been shown to improve mood, provide a positive atmosphere and can help with relaxation and sleep. Maybe, it is because they come from the earth in one way or another.  

We’ve fallen in love with the way these products make you feel - both before and after exercise.

Our products include, bath salts, lip wax, candles, hand sanitizer spray, fitness mat cleaner and bar soap.  


Energizing and Rejuvenating


The ranges we have chosen consist of perfectly contrasting fragrances - designed to serve all of your wellness needs. 

We’ve created two ranges to sustain you.


Be Energized - Rosemary and Citrus


Aptly named, this curation features Rosemary and Citrus to motivate, energize and inspire you to get up and go - every single day.   ”Be Energized” is the ideal way to enliven the senses and prepare your muscles for your daily exercise routine.

The focus on Rosemary and Citrus, is due to its naturally restorative and invigorating aspects.

These include:

  • Stimulating Hair Growth
  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Increasing Circulation
  • Awakening properties
  • Reduction of Joint Inflammation


As a known rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, rosemary is also considered a cognitive stimulant, assisting memory performance. We believe you’re going to love the zing it will put in your day.

Citrus oils are the perfect companion to rosemary and have been selected for their elevating scent, which opens up the mind. Citrus has a whole swagger of natural benefits for your skin too which include:

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Tightening the pores
  • Increasing radiance
  • Hydrating
  • Exfoliating
  • Antibacterial and wound healing properties


Totally brimming with vitamin C, citrus can effectively fight free radicals and help prevent skin ageing action. It’s also well noted for curbing the bacterial action and pathogens present under the skin, allowing your skin to emit its natural glow.


Be Balanced - Lavender and Bergamot


Happiness is all about balance right? Your body is the same. Our Lavender Bergamot products are crafted to give you a little extra support when you need to relieve stress and soothe your hard working muscles. We've named this selection our ''Be Balanced' range for its restorative and calming properties.

The inclusion of lavender was a given for us, as it is one of those essentials which provide next level relaxing elements. Lavender is extensively used in aromatherapy and widely understood to be helpful in calming the nervous system. Here are some of the benefits this amazing all-rounder provides:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Eases nausea and headaches
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Hydrates chapped lips
  • Minimizes the appearance of sunspots
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial protection


Lavender is also bursting with antioxidants that protect and nourish your skin. We think it’s the perfect addition to our products!

For those unfamiliar with the huge benefits of bergamot, you’re in for a treat. Bergamot is well regarded in massage and aromatherapy circles for its ability to purify and relieve stress. Hailing from the coast of Reggio di Calabria in Italy, Bergamot is one of the most unique citrus oils. Here are some of its properties we adore:

  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Perfect for rejuvenating the skin on your feet
  • Purifying for the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antispasmodic
  • Antibacterial and Antibiotic


Bergamot is perfect for increasing feelings of wellness, calm and confidence. When combined with lavender, our Be Balanced range offers soothing and nourishing properties your body is going to really appreciate.


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