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Welcome to FITKYT

We believe that everything we’ve been through has prepared us for this next evolution of ourselves. Our story is one of resilience, perseverance and healing, which has led to a desire, and a need to unlock something more within. When we move with intention, we see glimpses of magic. We’re here to help you embrace your magic, to live life in alignment and be bold with your voice. Our vision is a community awakened to live louder; a community that comes together to celebrate the big goals, small wins, and everything in between.

The World's Most Perfect Bag for an Active Lifestyle

Our patent pending sport and travel bag that turns into a hanging closet! Say goodbye to messy sport and travel bags with multiple pockets and a thoughtful unfolding design, FITKYT let's you organize and access your gear in seconds. We're launching Soon. Be sure to sign-up to our newsletter so you do not miss out!

Hang - Fold - Go by FITKYT

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Whether you're into gym, walking, swimming, running or yoga harness the collective energy and be part of the FITKYT community. We come together to celebrate the big goals, small wins, and everything in between.

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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat

When you practice yoga regularly, you deserve a great yoga mat and nothing beats the natural feel of cork. Especially for hot yoga. The more you sweat the better it gets.

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